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Project Mgt

Get it done within boundaries of the project

Web Design

Attractive, flexible, simple & to-the-point

Project Management:

As an experienced, Prince2-certified, international project leader I help clients with key project management responsibilities:

  1. Define clear and attainable objectives/scope
  2. Design user-friendly interfaces/applications in line with the quality expectations,
  3. Efficiently build and implement the deliverables within the triple constraint for projects: cost, time and scope,
  4. Manage testing, training material, resources & actuals,
  5. Roll-out & support the change by adequate communication to all stakeholders
  6. Close the project within the triple constraint
Clients appreciate my business-oriented, hands-on, pragmatic & result-driven approach & communication skills.

Business Analysis:

As a professional, result-driven, end-to-end business process analyst I investigate thoroughly all alternatives & come up with creative but realistic solutions that are in line with the big picture & meet the business requirements. I’m used to translate business requirements into feasible technical specifications.

Change Management & Communication:

For 20 years now I accompany people to adjust to change. Whether it is a technology system that requires training, processes that need integrating into existing work habits or a strategic orientation change that depends on the understanding and support of stakeholders.

To get the change accepted & fully incorporated, I will create a sense of urgency for the solution, create a vision for the change, communicate this, form strong coalitions, get buy-in from stakeholders, deal with obstacles, celebrate little first successes and anchor the change in the corporate culture & processes.

Knowledge Management & Collaboration:

I’m specialized in designing & implementing concepts for knowledge/content management, collaboration & social media by means of portals, collaboration rooms and/or workspaces in a multinational environment

Web Design:

I have 10 years of experience in ergonomics & usability of web applications and interfaces. The designs I create must meet with the following requirements:

  1. To-the-point information
  2. Few and easy call-to-actions
  3. self-understanding pages
  4. minimalistic but clear information
  5. attractive balanced pages
  6. a flexible design that suits for smart phones, tablets & desktops

Does your website need a haircut?

Your visitors want a 'to-the-point' website

Responsive Design

A responsive design is a flexible design that adapts itself to the device and the browser you are using. It adapts its content to the size of the opened browser. The big advantage is that you then have 1 website that can be used for all different devices: smart phones, tablets & desktops. Other advantages:

  • Users don't need to choose the right url, because there's only one
  • You don't need to develop a seperate App
  • Content is managed central within 1 website

Clear & Simple Communication

Your website is becoming THE biggest communication channel of your company. You should think thoroughly about its' set-up and look&feel. Users are used to surf on cristal-clear performant sites. They expect the same ease of use on your site!

In order to deliver that funky experience you should limit texts. Websites should be logical and easy to understand. Pages are more comprehensive when their layout is lighter. Nowadays users don't waste time on reading all things. Instead they want to see comprehensive symbols and pictures which the human eye & brain understands much faster. So minimalistic design is crucial, but not easy at all to design.

Experience in web design is crucial to translate your companies' corporate identity into a clear & strong unique selling proposition on your website

Less is More

Users are used to surf on cool, user-friendly sites. They expect the same user experience from your site! So cut the crap... What do you want your website to do? You can't put 15 different tasks on 1 page. Be to-the-point. Users are willing to go through your process, if you keep it simple.

You have to decide which business processes and so call-to-actions are the most important. Stick to these.

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